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ABSOLUTE best way to prevent theft?

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After having someone try to steal my rims last week, I am thinking that I need something better than a generic wheel lock on each rim (even though just that saved my wheels).

I understand that wheel locks can be broken so I was thinking maybe aftermarket lugnuts (it's a lot more to break, all 20). However, after some searching and research, a lot of people said kyokugen and some others were really soft and could be damaged by air tools. :-?

I also am considering an aftermarket alarm...I know there's a lot of threads about that but just humor me please. Which is best and which is good but still relatively inexpensive. Prices?

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Chaos said:
ABSOLUTE best way to prevent theft?
Carry a gun. :chill:
Seriously tho...I got 2 wheel locks on every rim. However, when I go out, I never park the car in a place I do not know or anywhere that is dark or not well lighted.

At home, I park the car in my garage which is secured by the homes security system not to mention my dad (Wino_I) and his 12 gauge sawed off with nitro rounds...he's from Indiana... :crazy:
Po1ntblank said:
^ crazy sh*t lol..
yeah, no doubt....forgot to mention...come during the day...he hates getting woken up. :eek:
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