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My front driver's side is about 1.2 inches lower than the passenger's side. The car looks a little lopsided. I've had a few people mention to me that they thought my car looked a little uneven.

On top of that, I brought my car in for an alignment at Firestone about a month ago and they couldn't get the front driver's side toe into spec. The best they could get was -3.xx and that's horrible. They said they were on the last thread for the toe adjustment.

I brought it into Toyota and they seemed to get it into spec just fine.

But the car is still lopsided and the car "floats" much more than it used to. I hit a bump on the highway and it feels like the chassis lifts off the ground and floats a little, kind of like I'm driving a boat or my dad's LS430. I'm thinking something's wrong with the strut?

I have PLP front and rear tower bars and L-tuend sways.

Any suggestions?
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