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Impreza STi @

The good:
-0-60mph time of less than 4.5 seconds
-280bhp (keep in mind that companies usually under report their #s in Japan to get under Japan's 280hp limit.)
-373Nm (275lbs/ft) torque
-a special six-speed close-ratio gearbox
-limited slip differential
-Suspension tweaks
-bigger wheels
-lower springs
-bigger Brembo brakes
-strut braces
-more attractive and effective Xenon headlamps

The bad:
-more than 18 months away
-no mention of wether it is coming to the US. However they did mention that it was coming to Europe for the first time.

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The 280 HP number is NOT really a "limit", but an informal agreement among the Japanese manufacturers. Some of them started to circumvent by quoting RWHP. The "limit" will apparently be dumped very soon when the next-generation supercars arrive........
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