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A Deal CAN be made......

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Whats up everyone...I have been posting on here for months and keeping up with everything. I was holding out on the IS until I got the deal that I thought I deserved. Well today, I went to the local dealer and talked them down to around 1850 off sticker. I plan on going to pick up my new Spectra Blue IS w/ the graphite wheels on Monday or Tuesday. Just wanted to let everyone know I am satisfied and people can get deals.

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I received the same kind of deal on a loaded silver/black in the Philly area. Still hopin' for more!

Due to take delivery in the next couple of weeks.

Just have to sell my '92 Max SE...
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Wow, that's pretty good deal! Lucky sonova...grumble grumble...
It's pretty hard to deal over here in So. Cal, since many of the cars being delivered are already reserved...great job on dealing though! I'm extremely jealous.

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Well, you So Cal folks get great weather all year 'round so the least that we can get on the East Coast is a discount on our IS!

No one beat me yet
$1300 over invoice or about $3500 off msrp on a loaded Silver/black w/o LSD

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cardinal creek,
where in South Eastern PA do you live? I live in Media PA and i recently went to wilkie lexus in havertown and the only price break theyd give was the multiple purchase, which means id have to buy 2. thats bs

im glad to see that someone on this forum is from around here, i have seen only 2 IS300s in the area, that is on 95 at the airport (blue), and in the ridley area (green)

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I S Three,

I live in the Lansdale area (about an hour away from you up 309 off the Turnpike).

I agree - glad there is someone else hanging out here from our area.

Maybe we can leverage our purchases for a reduced rate.

It's funny how these car negotiations work...You have to play one against the other - not in a deceitful way - but in a competitive way. Lost_Soul seems to have the game down pat.

I'd be happy to get into more specifics with you off line - please post email if interested.

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hey LAZK, did you deal with Lexus of Knoxville?

That's a great deal man....
I've worked with them before and they're great.

I guess that's one of the advantages when we live down in a backwards hick town....not much demand for classy cars!

Try Lexus of Lehigh Valley. There is a guy there named Chris. I am almost sure he won't give you my price, but he is willing to deal.
Has anyone got a deal (below MSRP) in Colorado? I am looking to buy one in the very near future, but don't want to pay full sticker... Do you think waiting a few months will help?
Anyone here from the DFW area? What kind of pricing are you getting, any good deals?

I am not at liberty to discuss pricing on this forum but if you are interested in buying an IS and want to get the best deal in the metroplex, email or call me.

[email protected]

Originally posted by want_an_IS:
Anyone here from the DFW area? What kind of pricing are you getting, any good deals?

I was able to get $500 off and tinting thrown in for free, so effectively about $725 savings. If you want further info, email me at [email protected].

Originally posted by want_an_IS:
Anyone here from the DFW area? What kind of pricing are you getting, any good deals?

Still looking for pricing information in the Colorado area if ANYONE has any input. I am meeting with the dealer tomorrow night and really want to know if they are willing to discount the MSRP any.

What am I looking for?
A fully loaded (all factory options, wing type spoiler, tint, gold package, etc..) Auburn IS300 with either Black or Ivory interior (just can't decide what I like better for the interior).


I can be contacted at: [email protected]

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I'm in PA so can't give you any info re: CO but you should be able to get *something* off MSRP now that the car has been out for a few months.

Tell them that other buyers have gotten a discount and you won't pay MSRP. You may have to go to a few dealers (there's more than one in CO, right? - j/k).

After two or three dealers you should find yourself sitting at under MSRP.

Use your willingness to commit as your bargaining chip. For example tell them that you'll buy now for 2K off list. You may not get it but they will start to move. If they don't go to the next dealer.

Dealers are whores - they will admit that - they will sell each other down the river to sell a car.

They want to give the impression that they sell cars at MSRP yet individual deals are being made below MSRP. Also, the more cars a dealer sells, the more they get from the factory and the more they sell. So they have incentive to sell cars below MSRP - they will still make a couple grand and everyone will be happy.

Let us know how you make out.

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Isn't it basically a matter of supply and demand?

Seems like in the Seattle area the cars sell quickly. And if you want a blue one (just picked mine up today) they sell even quicker.

Might be that in some parts of the country there are more cars than buyers--damn you guys are lucky!

Question for the assembled masses: in a situation where there are more buyers than cars, why would a dealer sell below MSRP?

Is the competition that fierce either among salespeople within a dealership? If so, why would the GM of a dealership let that competition undermine bottom line?

On the other hand, you could say there is competition between dealerships. In the Seattle area, the same company seems to own 2 of the 3 dealerships, so seems like they'd be able to protect price there. In a scarcity situation, though, seems like the dealers would be apt to sit and wait that extra week for a full price buyer to come along. Or not?

Has anyone worked in a dealership and can shed some light on this? Seems like every other day there's another "I paid $2000 under MSRP!!" message and so I wonder what's going on.

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