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A couple of early show dates in NJ....

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If anyone is interested, here are a few early spring show dates in the NJ/PA area:

  • Hot Import Nights April 7, 01, Atlantic City Convention Center
  • Custom Compact Power Jam May 4-6, 01, Carlisle, PA
  • NIRA Spring Nationals May 6, 01, Englishtown, NJ

I'll be at the first 2 shows and maybe the Englishtown show on Sunday the 6th of May.

Hope to see some northeast IS's out there...


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Hey guys,yeah all are welcome just a gathering of car enthusiasts we usually hang in central nj,i'll try to plan sumthin for early march just so all the guys can meet and get to know one another which will make meetin up for show at e town and our big HIN convoy easier to plan
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