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Well guys, for those of you who have experienced the clicking sound, here is my experience. Right after taking it from the dealer I noticed a clicking sound coming from the rear on the passenger side. I took it in to the dealer and they thought it was the shocks. They end up replacing it. One day later the clik noise came back. I call them right of way and they told me to wait for the 1000K check up. This way if the noise would get worse they will be able to detected much quicker. Well that's what I did and this time they seem to hit on the spot. They said the noise was coming from the spring (coil). yes, I guess the spring is kind of long and it hit once in a while in the base and that's when it make the noise. They said that this may be a design or a parts defect. To resolved the problem they insulated the top part of the spring. They replaced the insulator for the shock absorber, added an insulator, RR Coil S, and the rear camber. At least for now the noise is gone!

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