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Ok with the link above it has the details
Cruise is set for Sunday November 06, 2005…..MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!

It has the details of where we would be rallying around and having a bite to eat after.
I asked about opening it up to other mature membered clubs such as Lexus ,G35 350Z owners and such and they where cool with that.
So who is in?
If interested pm me and i can add you to there list since registering on there site takes a few days before you can post unlike most forums.

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If there are more IS's than just mine I'm down... also for the westenders,
we should set up a westend pre-meet for us all convoy to the meeting
spot in Aurora.

Who's in? ; (copy paste the list)

1. SkPerformance
2. Boman

Last cruise of the season boys... then it's all about winter rubber
and coutious


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Here are the details on there site

After some deliberation between some of club members, around some wings and beer, we decided to take the C7 fall event cancellation matter as a starting point for our own event…..

We had two options…

1. C7 route with the ending point at Hockley valley resort.
2. our own brand new route (still in works…) ending at Bonfire BBQ Chicken and Ribs

first option fell between the cracks relatively fast because we still do not know what went wrong with the C7 event and I did not get an enthusiastic response from the resort…..

Second one won…. The people from Bonfire are sort of car buffs themselves (every Thursdays during the summer they have classic cars in their parking lot) and it was no problem for us to select them as an end point….

Now maybe a lot of you have the question… where the heck is this place….?

…the place is at the intersection of highways 7 & 35….just south of…. drum roll….Lindsay….

If there are still some of you that do not know where Lindsay is…. Hmmm… take a look on the map towards Peterborough…..

We decided for an east end cruise also as a small token of appreciation for the entire eastenders members who came in the past to cruises organized in the west end… (and they were a lot of them….)

Now, as I mentioned a little bit before, the route is still in making… and I’ll go on it just to make sure that is at a high standard as it is expected… I did not decided yet about the starting point…. I was thinking around 404 and Bloomington Rd (Aurora area)…. But I’m open for suggestions….

The meeting to be set at 10:30AM with a departure at 11:00AM…. The cruise will be for 1 to 1 and half hours….and about 100 km…

I need to stipulate that this is not a race… and is open to everybody….. bring friends, enemies, wives, girlfriends, mistresses, kids, dogs….

We are aiming for as many cars as possible…

Let’s make this a great event…..

Sign up here….

5.Almost Hip
6. Billy
7. WRC_Pocono
9. 04ts
10. Sean H
11. Llama
12. James L (tentative)
13. Kel
14. imchubby (tentative)
15. SKperformance
16. Low UFO (tentative)
17. Boman
18. Paul christians
19. T.Dot_E30
20. Fubawu

I could see from the posts that the date is sort of hidden or nobody looks at the top of the page…..

Cruise is set for Sunday November 06, 2005…..MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!
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