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A BIG "Thank You" to everyone!

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What a great decision I black on black is300 is phenomenal. Just picked her up last night, and was treated to the best first drive one could ask for...over the Golden Gate Bridge at dusk, into the streets of San Francisco.

Anyway, I've posted a lot of questions over the last few weeks, and this site made my purchase much easier. Thanks, Tony, TEG, and all that were nice enough to respond to my questions.

And to think, I almost got a 325i...phew!

P.S.- If you're in the Bay Area, do business with Lexus Marin. Great group.
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man.. i was in san fran during the spring...
i could only imagine having my is3 in that city... i would have a ball i think... definitely because automatic in that city
is like a must...

you should drive her around and park it at coit tower, or on lombard, or by the wharf.. and just start taking pictures of it...

yes... i am that infatuated with my car that i probably would do the same given a great scenic view... which i will find when i get some time away from work... =)

IS300 (white)
loaded w/o LSD
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Sweet...don't forget to get a car duster for that SBM gets dusty as hell and I am on it every night.
just watch our for the IS300's tail pipe...driving in them San Fran hills like in Lombard is defintily different then here in Chicago. I could easily see the tail pipe rubbing while coming out of some of them steep roads out there!
hey how much did you get the car for out the door? I went to serramonte lexus a month back and they werent budging off msrp. Let me know ! thanks

I agree with Wazzup, be very careful with your tail pipe. I think I am the first victim of that problem on this board and I am in So. Cal where the road is actually pretty good. Now I have a little dent on the bottom of the exhaust tip and it is just driving me nuts when I see it. Hopefully TRD will have the exhaust soon and be able to match the power output of the Swift Racing.
Fair warning...Serramonte is out to do you in. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. This was my experience:

I leased. Serramonte originally offered me a $555 monthly rate, with a $5,000 down payment. I went back a week later, and told them they needed to do something about it. The next thing I know, they actually RAISED the price on me to $585. A total joke in principal, let alone finance.

I got a few more dealers involved, and negotiated down to $460 a month with a $5,500 down payment at Lexus Marin. Perhaps you can do better, but I was ready for the car at that point, and it sounded reasonable for California.

Further, Serramonte would not guarantee the arrival of the car, and offered me a best case scenario of 3 weeks. Marin had it for me in three days (blk/blk/LS). Strangely enough, Serramonte and Marin are owned by the same entity...I just get the feeling that Marin is used to doing business in a more professional manner.

Good Luck!!!
Post again if you needed more info...jb
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