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(70hp gain)3.0L Supercharger, i am waiting unpatiently.

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anyone has more info for the IS yet?
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"On our list of things to do is a supercharger," said Reed, though the supercharger is still 10 to 12 months away."


Approval of an L-Tuned IS 300 is expected soon, with kits available from TRD
( beginning this month. Whichever version Lexus approves will
come with the same warranty as the car to which it is attached-four years or
48,000 miles.

"We do the program similar to the sport parts program," said Reed. "All parts are
warrantied, the dealer orders the parts just as they would any other Toyota part."

Reed acknowledges that the IS 300 is relatively tame compared to what it could
be, but notes that the car still has to be a Lexus.

"The springs, shocks, wheels and tires, all that stuff increases noise, vibration and
harshness," he said. "NVH is so anti-Lexus and by doing this you increase that."

But maybe what Lexus needs to succeed in a future of younger buyers is
something that is more anti-Lexus.
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