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The Penis Samba

1. "Apply a lubricant of your choice generously to both hands. It's a good idea to warm it slightly by rubbing your hands together.

2. "Start with your hands out in front of you, palms facing away and thumbs down. Your thumbs are held against your index finger, they are NOT pointing down like little spikes. With one hand (it doesn't matter which one you start with), gently
but firmly hold the base of the penis. Your view should be of the back of your hand and four fingers. Your wrist should be cocked forward toward his body. His view will be of your thumb, nestled into his pubic hair. Position your other hand so that it will be ready to move into position (it can be resting on his thigh or testicles) once the first hand's stroke is complete. When you have completed one "cycle" both hands typically will be in constant motion, so you need not worry about where they will rest. They won't be.

3. "Maintain placement of your hand while stroking up the shaft in a single continuous motion.

4. "When you get to the head, rotate your hand slightly as if you were carefully opening a jar. Do not rotate your hand UNTIL you reach the head.

5. "Maintaining as much contact as possible between the head of the penis and the palm of your hand, rotate your hand over the top of the penis, as if you were sculpting its head with the entire palm of your hand.

6. "Because of the rotation, your thumb will now be facing you and the back of your hand will be facing him. Come down the shaft again firmly to the starting position and immediately move your second hand into starting position, on top of your finishing hand. The starting hand just slides into position over the top of the finishing hand to maintain motion. Note: This is important because you want to have a continuous flow of sensation. You'll get into a flow of motion very quickly.

7. "Follow steps 2-6 immediately with your other hand. Alternate hands repeatedly until the movement takes on a rhythm all its own. Then you will create a ring with the index finger and thumb of one hand just below the head of his penis to create
a mini lifesaver ring. This enables you to concentrate all the sensation in the first 1 1/2 inches of his penis - the most sensitive area for most men. With your other hand, move your hand on the head of his penis in a circular motion (imagine
you have ink in your palm and you are trying to apply an even coat on the head of his penis). Once you finish the application, switch hands and repeat the motion with your other hand."

Now go practice asswads...
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