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Well, it has been quite a long time in the making and it makes me very happy to finally post up the fruits of many hours of labor. This car has some very unique features and will hopefully change the way many people think about turboing the IS. I would like to send and great amount of thanks for Jeff and Sean at TurboEast for their hard work and foresight to make this dream come true for me. I also have to show love to my boy Jayson who pushed me to go bigger and better with the car.

The drivability of the car is absolutely phenomenal and the idle is rock solid as if it was stock. My biggest surprise was how fast the car actually spools with the 67mm garrett turbo (this turbo is a new design and was made to TE specs). Also, under the surprise category is the racelogic traction control unit. This unit is the real deal in my opinion and is a must for every boosted IS with big power. With the unit off the car will spin all the way through fourth, but with the unit is on it spins once or twice, catches and goes like a bat out of hell.

The biggest feature of the car and what has kind of been hinted at is the PCS piggyback EMS unit. This unit is absolutely unbelievable in terms of the functions it can control and the tunbaility of the software. This unit is controlling my second fuel pump to kick on only when it recognizes positive intake manifold pressure and can kick it off when i go back into vacuum. Some of the features are that it uses a 3bar map sensor and an independent fuel pressure sensor in order to control certain functions. As far as question go about the unit I feel i should let Jeff handles in terms of his knowledge and how much info he wants to give out on the unit. So without further a due here are the specs on the car:

GTE Shortblock
TT Headgasket
Stock GE Head
ARP Head Studs
Titan Motorsports Cam Gear
Greddy Blue Strong Timing Belt
TurboEast Tubular Manifold
Tial 44mm Wastegate (open)
TurboEast Spec Garrett TE 67D Turbo
Large 24x8x3 Front mount intercooler (Core 17x9x3)
3 inch Down and Mid-pipe
Koyo Aluminum Radiator w/1.3bar cap
3 inch Intercooler Piping
3 inch Turbo Exhaust into a HKS Carbon Ti

R154 Tranny Swap
6 puck clutch
Supra TT Pressure plate
Custom Drive Shaft (2 piece)
Custom Short Shifter

TE Custom Ignition Amplifier
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

TurboEast Guage Pod
Greddy 52mm Boost Gauge
Greddy 52mm Fuel Pressure Gauge
Greddy 52mm Exhaust Temp Gauge
Greddy Turbo Timer
UEGO 1000 Wideband (PFS)
Blitz SBC-id III Boost Controller
PCS Engine Management
Racelogic Traction Control

Fuel System:
TurboEast Dual Pump SR system
650cc Injectors

Wheels & Tires:
18x8 and 18x9 Iforged Aeros (Polished)
BFGoodrich KDW2 (265 in the rear)

Zeal Coilovers
TurboEast Boxed-in Lower Control Arms
TurboEast Custom Rear Sub-frame Bracing
Hotchkis Sway Bars

CarsonTuned Front Bumper
Custom Carbon Fiber Grill w/ Black Pearl Emblem
VIS Invader Carbon Fiber Hood (Custom Paint)
Fig's Hood Prop Kit
TurboEast Rolled Fenders

I hope everyone enjoys the write up and please feel free to ask any question. I will try to answer them if I can. -Brandon

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very nice...

please explain though..

at what boost levels and type of gas were those dyno runs made on??

very interesting too that Jeff uses Ray's dyno...:approve:

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Yeah, at what boost levels? Race gas or pump? What type of intake manifold is that?

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Sorry about the dyno confusion:
11psi on Pump Gas
16psi on Pump Gas
25psi on Pump VP116 Mix

If u read the bottom of the chart it will tell u the boost levels. -B

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xencloud said:
Yeah, at what boost levels? Race gas or pump? What type of intake manifold is that?
That is just the stock intake manifold put on the polishing wheel. -B

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Well, I figured it was some type of stock manifold, just didn't recognize it :)

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I've been waiting for this announcement ever since seeing this on the TE website:

Congrats on the car. Looks awesome!:) I look forward to learning more about TE's new piggyback system.

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TBKO said:
The pics did turn out well. I sent them to some mags, so we will see what happens. I'm making a 3ft by 4ft print of the top one for my office.
I don't even want to know how much that is gonna run ya. Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to take some really kick ass pics for. I hope the mag thing works out (I always like to see press for the IS). -B
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