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yea , i know no such thing as a 50K mile service. i didn't do the 30 or 45K mile service. Here's what i had done at my local Toyota dealership

1. Flush and fill coolant system
2. change brake fluid and bleed, adjust brakes
3. replace engine air filter
4. change oil and filter
5. lube door hinges
6. tighten strategic bolts
7. tire rotation

Total labor 105.98
total parts 51.44
tax 2.84
Total 165.56

Amazes me that some of you pay Lexus dealers this much to do an oil change and tire rotation LOLZ. They even vacuumed car. The service was great too, comprable to Lexus minus the car loaner.

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Thats great congrats..

Now just have the Transmission and Rear Differential fluid changed and you good to go!! :D


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ISisBEST said:
yea, I'll do that at 60K miles. I don't believe it need's to be done any sooner.
you are highly triping if you want to skip your 30k. i know you race your car around and your trans fluid is shot. then youll just get a drain and refill at your 60k "cause you dont think you need a flush" but you dont see the 3qts of BLACK trans fluid in you converter and lines. and just mixes al together with the 2 qts they just put in. were are you at. the same place as when you came in.
im not trying to bash just inform.

anyways that place is awsome for all the stuff you got done.
heres what i would charge for that servive.
1. 1.0 hours
2. 1.0
3. .2
4. .5
5. free
6. free
7. .5

3.2 hours total x 80.00 an hour $256.00 in labor alone.
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