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Took a 2002 5-speed out for a spin today. Did anybody else think that the pedal placement was a little off? For example, the dash seems to interfere with my foot when I release the clutch. When I first began to drive the car, my left shoe (size 10) kept getting caught and wouldn't allow me to fully release the clutch. I eventually got used to it though as we drove longer though. In addition, the brake and gas pedals seemed a little far a part for heel and toe downshifting. Now my current 5-speed Solara may not be the greatest handler, but its pedal seemed to be closer than the IS300's (or maybe it's just that I'm used to the car.) Best setup that I've driven was an S2000, but that's another story all together.

At least the throws were short and the clutch was easy to modulate. In addition, I loved how the stick would transmit some of the engine vibrations so you could feel connected to the car. Some may not like that kind of sensation, but I love it. Overall, still love the car. Just planning on waiting for the price to come down.
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