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300/400HP IS300

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was looking aroung a couple of days ago...followed a link to and saw they had a turbocharger for the IS...wrote them an email and this is what I got back this morning...

Sir, we do offer a custom built turbo system for the IS300. A basic system
that offers about 300 HP would cost $7500. The next step in performance
would be 400 RWHP at a cost of about $11000. There are no supercharger
kits available for the IS300 as of now. The turbo system replaces the
headers, intake, etc. We also offer a fuel system upgrade and ECU
modifications for the turbo system. Labor to install a system is about
$1500-2000. Thanks

too bad i don't got 11000 to throw into my car right now...400rwhp sounds pretty tempting
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It all depends on how complete the kit is. Many cheaper turbo kits still leave you with having to do fuel system upgrades, adding and intercooler and associated plumbing, blow-off valve, external wastegate if the turbo doesn't have one integrated... and so on. Doing a good quality turbo install costs serious money. Assuming you are supplying enough fuel, and you can keep detonation at bay, you can go well past 500 rwHP. My advice is to spend your money wisely and get it installed by a pro with many custom turbo installs under is belt.
The Suprastore kit does look pretty good. What I was trying to say is that before people get all excited over the price of a kit, they need to look into what that kit contains. Many cheap kits for Civics and Integras and the like, only come with a turbo, exhaust manifold, and wastgate. leaving you with a lot of work to do and more money to spend. People also don't need to be put off by what may appear to be small HP gains. Many turbo kits are set with a conservitive 5-8 lbs of boost, though they may be capable of going much higher. A good rule of thumb is that at roughly 16-18 lbs of boost you will see a 100% increase over stock HP. :)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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