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300/400HP IS300

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was looking aroung a couple of days ago...followed a link to and saw they had a turbocharger for the IS...wrote them an email and this is what I got back this morning...

Sir, we do offer a custom built turbo system for the IS300. A basic system
that offers about 300 HP would cost $7500. The next step in performance
would be 400 RWHP at a cost of about $11000. There are no supercharger
kits available for the IS300 as of now. The turbo system replaces the
headers, intake, etc. We also offer a fuel system upgrade and ECU
modifications for the turbo system. Labor to install a system is about
$1500-2000. Thanks

too bad i don't got 11000 to throw into my car right now...400rwhp sounds pretty tempting
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That turbo seem kind of big for everyday driving. Does anyone have a T03 or T02 turbo? I think this is more suitable for street driving. Of course, you cannot generate massive boost with these turbos.
So how many people are willing to volunteer to try the turbo system out?
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