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i know this topic has been almost to beat to death.. but not just yet

i bought my car about 2 weeks ago.. and on first day of driving(i drove 150 miles my first day.. can you blame me!?) i've noticed that there's a hesitation in 2nd to 3rd gear shift. and this was before i was aware of this forum and aware of any problem with ECUs and everything. well.. i haven't checked my VIN yet but i think my car was manufactured after the fix was done and this problem is just so obvious i noticed it the first day.. if you have gotten the fix on your car, do you still feel the hesitation?? again, i have to check my VIN to be sure but i bought this car in 05/30/01. so i'm gussing my car was manufactured with the fix or it has been applied ECU update before it was sold to me.. this bug with the gear shift is so obvious something should be done.. just not very clear on what the engine and TRAC ECU update is going to fix.. i haven't felt the hesitation in accelerating.. thanks in advance for your post

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