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Hey guys cleaning my garage for new years I found a ton of parts.
All posted prices are extremely low and do not include shipping or paypal. obo and you will probably get it.

PM me and I will email you more pictures of any itme you are interested in

A-SOLDSupra TT stock throttle body $100
B-SOLD Oil Filter Mount $ 20
C-SOLD Twin turbo pipes for polish or chrome $50
D- V160 stock lightened flywheel$40
E-JZA80 stock ECU $100
F-Timing Belt Tensioner $5
G-24 tooth cranck trigger wheel(SC300 I believe) $5
H-SC300 cranck pulley$5
I-93-97Drivers side Motor Mount $5
J-Oil pick up$5
K-98+Aristo engine harness (missing tps and coil plugs all other are there) request pics $70
L- unknown year fuse box with harness (missing a couple of plugs) request pics $70
M-COMPLETE Aristo Wire harness w/ ecu. no plugs missing. one plug cut but included. request pics if interested $200
N-SOLDAC pump. used working great condition $50
O-SOLDAlternator. used working great condition$50
P- SOLDAC Pump. used unknown condition.$25
Q- SOLDAlternator. used unknown condition.$25
R-Power Steering Pump from 2003 NA 2JZ.used working great condition.$50
S-Starter used. Great working condition$50
T- Water Pump. Used Great working codition.$50
U-Oil Pump.Used unknown condition great core for rebuild.$25
V- 93-97 Twins on manifold Used condition. unknown mileage $70

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