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Hey guys!
it took a while to realize you are talking about me here :)
I can tell a little more right now about the pricing and ETA.
The ETA just shrunk to 4 months. MSRP will most probably be 349$. Im doing the test fit with the prototype in one week, so everybody can see what he gets. I will collect pre orders
when the fitment is confirmed, probably for 249$ for everybody who spent or is considering to spend 220 for a plate with 6 holes, it should be a no brainer :)
The runner lenght will be exactly like stock GTE. if you are using a plate it its longer. Im doing a in depth comparison of all runners on my IG.
Of course the position will be exactly like on a GTE (distance to head, height, angle, longitudinal shift)
The runners will utilize OBD1 GE injectors as i think its the most desireble setup.
They will most probably be pressure cast, not sand cast which allows a much smoother finish. they could also be chrome plated.
They are utilizing the stock GE intake gasket, no o rings. The Toyota engineers knew what they are doing! the phenolic paper has very good heat insulating properties.
For the GTE plenum flange im thinking about o-rings, but then again, if one would fail its a lot easier to source a GTE plenum gasket than some aftermarket O-ring. let me know what you think about it.
And yes, plenum prices are going higher, and probably they will explode when i release the product. so if you are planning to do this, get yourself one early :D
theres other use cases for this:
-maybe you want a specific aftermarket GTE plenum
-maybe youve blown your gte and want to convert to GE for cost reasons not having to replace your intake.
I was bit shy posting stuff about my products here in the forum as im afraid to violate any rules.. if so, let me know, admin ✌

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🍻 Marko
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