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Hey guys, recently, I've hovered the decision between a 325/330 or a Lexus IS (5sp when it comes out).

There some nice supercharges out there for the 325/330 that boost hp to around 300hp. Only problem is, it hurts to void your warranty two months after getting the car. And we all know how expensive BMW maintenance can be.

The deciding factor would be, if TRD made a supercharger for the IS that would boost power to about 270-280 HP, would this still keep the Lexus under warranty?

I never thought this would be an issue (esp. when I am used to Civics and Integras) but damn, maintenance is EXPENSIVE on these type of cars, and keeping the warrany could save me 5-10k a year for the first 4-5 years.

Anyone know?

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TRD has split its' product line to have a new division call Kazuma. Many of the new S/C products are sold through that line. From what I can tell, there is somewhat less factory "approval" of Kazuma parts installed on the cars. I also heard that any IS300 S/C (if they do it) would probably be sold through Kazuma...

"Since the TRD and Kazuma superchargers both use the same design and are manufactured by
the same people, why are the warranties so different?
What is the warranty on Kazuma parts?
Will installing Kazuma parts void my car’s warranty?

Q. Since the TRD and Kazuma superchargers both use the same design and are manufactured
by the same people, why are the warranties so different?
A: There are numerous points considered when determining whether a particular product
better supports the philosophy of the Kazuma brand or the TRD Sport Part brand.

No two Toyota model vehicles are engineered to the same design parameters since no two
models are intended to serve the same purpose. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that because
a particular product fits into the Sport Part category for one make or application it will be
suitable to all models as a Sport Part.

There are many reasons why a supercharger or a number of other products sold under the
TRD Sport Parts brand may be sold as a Kazuma part for other applications. It may be
possible to certify a certain product or component for emissions with one model but not
another. It may be possible to integrate the particular part or component warranty into the
new vehicle warranty of one model and not the other. It may be possible to install a part
without making additional vehicle modifications to one model and not another.

Some parts fall in the “gray” area and can’t easily be classified as either TRD Sport Part or
Kazuma. In this case, TRD makes a judgement call.

Q. What is the warranty on Kazuma parts?
A. Kazuma parts with a part number beginning with the 00646- prefix are warranted for 12
months from the date of purchase against defects in material and/or workmanship. Certain
restrictions apply, so please see Kazuma warranty section (hyperlink) for details. Any
Kazuma part with a prefix other than “00646” carries no warranty.

Q. Will installing Kazuma parts void my car’s warranty?
A. In general, installing any aftermarket part on a vehicle that is still covered under the terms of
the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty does not necessarily void your new vehicle warranty.
However, if in the opinion of the vehicle manufacturer the aftermarket part caused a warranted
original equipment part to fail, the manufacturer is not responsible for the cost of any repairs
attributable to the aftermarket part.

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Interesting Article, TEG.

If you bought the BMW, I'd be willing to bet the SC for it would run 10 grand or more... BMW tuner's prices are exorbitant. (and you seem to worry about spending money with mention of Maintenance being expensive, try initial cost being expensive)

I'd be comfortable laying down $$ on the Lexus with high hopes for extensive modification potential in the future. (Read: 2jz-gte BPU swap)
and I bet it'd still come out cheaper than the Bimmer. (an run 12's)

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bimmer prices are insane.....7k for a supercharger(and thats' before labor, about 12 after), 17k for an OBDII turbo setup, i mean come on, if you're looking for more power, i'd say go with the toyota/lexus

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Hell yeah, tuning crap for bimmers are expensive.
The lesser-known tuners such as ESS tuning and turner motorpsports offer superchargers for the e36/46 at around 4.5-7k w/o labor.

Jump into the high quality names such as Dinan and Hamman, you're almost buying another Civic at the prices they're asking for....yikes!!!!! A forced induction Bimmer (e46) will almost cost a total of 55k while a forced induction Lexus should not total more than 40k.

That's a hell-a-difference in prices!
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