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lambchop11078 said:
parcelpimp said:
Will this fit on the rear??? I have already rolled the fenders. How about a 265/40/18??? Let me know!!! Thanks in advance!!!
How wide is the rear rim? I take it your tires can't handle the power from the SRT stage 4. :wink:

275/35/18 will give you a 25.6" wheel diameter, it's recommended that 275 are mounted on rims that are 9" or wider. 265/40/18 are too big, if you want to put 265s on then go with 265/35/18s.
It is an 18x9. And yes, the tires I have spin through first and second gear, so I am trying to fit a BFG drag radial under there. and these are the two sizes that tire rack said might fit. Thanks again!!!
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