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Hi guys. I'm new, but only to the forum but to the Lexus "world". In my country, Toyota sells a lot but Lexus aren't too popular and they don't sell a lot. And the models that sell the most are the NXs. Although I'm a car enthusiast and researched about many brands, I had never researched too much about Lexus, which I'm doing now and I got really interested in Lexus and I really feel like buying one. I also got to the conclusion that the model that I'm interested the most for the moment are the ISs, as I like rear wheel drive and more "sporty" ride.
It's not too easy to find the models here as there never been too many sales and the ISs were sold only between 2012 and 2014. But I found two really good ones, in great shape, one 2014 IS 250 F Sport 3rd Gen and a 2012 IS300 2nd Gen. Which of these do you recommend? I'm leaning more towards the 2014 IS250 despite of s bit less power, as I prefer the more sporty look. And I also think the slightly more comfortable suspension(according to the information I got) will fit better the not do good conditions if the roads here.
Should I go for it?
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