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I have had no problems with my car since I got it 3 years aog. I drove to work the other day just fine....but when I came out for lunch the check engine light was on and it would not drive faster than about 20mph. I had codes checked...P0087,P0190, P0200, P0089. I took it to my mechanic and he thought it was the fuel pressure sensor. We replaced that--it did not solve the problem. I took it ot hte dealer and they say it is the fuel pump...with a cost of$1900 to repair. I asked some questions to be sure that it is the pump. Here is what they said:
The low pressure pump was measured and working fine. The high pressure pump is a mechanical/electric controlled pump. Freeze frame data shows that the high pressure target value was 1740 psi and the pressure reading was 40 psi (what the low pressure pump puts out). With the scan tool when active testing the spill control valve you can control the duty cycle of the valve. Watching the duty cycle with a Fluke DVOM the duty cycle displayed matched the active test control. This indicates all the wiring and control unit is good. Another test we do is to crank the engine and duty cycle the valve with a specially made tool and watch the pressure on the scan tool, it did not rise. Also notice when adding our own power to the spill valve control solenoid no click was heard. The pressure sensor was checked by pulling the connector (open circuit) and it goes to a negative number and then jumping it (short circuit) goes to a high positive number, this checks the full swing of the sensor. The diagnosis is the spill control solenoid is bad. We have seen a few of these fail at this mileage before.

Can anyone translate this for me? Does this seem to be a reasonable process to go through to be sure it is the fuel pump that is bad?
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