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Automobile magazine (June 2003) had what looks like some interesting (and reasonably accurate, I'm guessing) news about the upcoming Toyotas and Lexus models. New engines and facelifts abound.

The current I6 in the GS300 is to be replaced with V6's ranging from 3.0 (?) to 3.5 liters. The new GS is to introduce new "global" styling (think Mercedes C-Class, E-Class and S-Class similarities) as well as the sale of the Lexus brand in Japan.

The bit about the new Supra, due for sale in 2004, also mentions 3.0 (?) and 3.5 liter V6's matched to a six speed tranny. Expected to sell for around $30k.

Now, the juicy bit is that the new Supra is to built on the upcoming second gen IS platform... (which if you read between the lines, sounds like a great place to build an IS coupe as well). Now, Automobile says the IS is to get a similarly sized V6 (ie, 3.0L) as well as a larger (3.4 to 3.5) engine.

And the last REALLY juicy part is that they say Toyota has been considering a introducing V8 version BEFORE the new body style...likely to stimulate interest and sales for the outgoing platform.
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