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will there be any changes or additions to the 2003 is300. ive been saving up for one, and i plan to get a 2003, or possibly a 2004 when i turn 18. i heard from a friend that soon the is300 will be supercharged, or it will be some kind of trd package. any of this true?

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This morning sentinel posted this:

So, the TRD supercharger will prolly not be made.

Though, there are many other aftermarket F/I choices including

Area51 s/c
PLP s/c
tbko t/c
toyomoto t/c
PHR - t/c
XS-engineering t/c
SRT t/c

off the top of my head.

The 2003 came out within the last 2 months i believe, and from my understanding it has no changes when compared to the 2002.


Do a search on what you're looking for. Daily new people ask the same questions all over again. Your information is in the forums somewhere.

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Difference between a 02 and 03

-Cup Holder
-Fog Lights Cover
-Extra Cup Holder Alike Thingi under armest
-And the Floor mats (Dunno If u guyz get them, but we get them with the car)

N since u guyz r the only market in the world that has a option for an manual for a IS300, GET A MANUAL!!!

I prefer to wait for a 2005 year model............facelift....!!! Good Luck
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