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I spoke to my local dealer today and they said that I could not order a 2002 5speed yet. They also said that special ordering a car usualy takes about 3 to 4 months, and they told me that the 2002 will not arrive until october!!!! Anybody have any real info???????
1 - 8 of 8 Posts buddy works for Lexus financial services (Corporate Lexus) and said August here in Ca. Maybe very early sept.
I have had a 5-speed on order here in Canada since the middle of June (Intensa Blue Pearl) and the most recent information is to expect delivery in early September.

Did you speak to Johnson Lexus? If so that is horrible news. I talked to a salesman a month ago and they said they would expect them around Aug./Sept.. Did they mention what needed to be special ordered, cloth seats, no navigation, what?.
Oh, sounds to me like they are taking you for a ride. I ordered the 2002 5 speed at the end of June. It might be that they already have their allotment and can't get one till then, so they don't want to lose you as a customer so they make up some B.S.
Yes, I did talk to Johnson lexus. I spoke to them again today, and they told me that lexus was only making them with certain options. I wanted cloth with limited slip and sunroof, 5 speed. They told me that for it to have a sunroof it would have leather and also grafite polished wheels. They alson said if I ordered the options I want that it would be November. I think I will just look for another car and save the headache!!!!!
must be a 5speed??
if not.. try 2001 IS300s..
u could even get below 30k for that now.. maybe.. hehehe
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Thanks for the info. I need to get in touch with Johnson Lexus again. It sounds like they are only ordering fully loaded 5 speeds. I know they(Johnson) did that with their automatics. BTW, they have begun to offer that IS300 permormance lease again. I saw them advertise that on the television the other night.
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