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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Bumper My first thought when seeing this car was, "Yep, sure can't miss that guy on the road." I meant this as a complete compliment toward the IS300 pulling into our meeting spot. This customed out ride turns heads anywhere it goes.<P>

Rob Woo's 2001 Lexus IS300 was originally dark blue. He obviously decided to make himself stand out among the crowd, and had his body shop slap on the brilliant orange metallic paint job. Choosing a body kit came next for Rob, and being unable to decide on one manufactuer, the outcome is the styling lines of the IS you see in the pics.<p>

The body stylings consist of a JP Visage front end, Stillen side skirts and rear valence, and of course those eye grabbing fender flares from Wald. The flares help complete the wide body look, and in my opinion fill the car out perfectly. The aftermarket grille is a chrome JDM Altezza part, and the headlight eyelids are manufactured by C-West. The car rests 1 1/2 inches low on Eibach springs, and Rob plans to get some new 19" wheels very soon. In my opinion this car looks great even on the factory wheels.<p>

Vehicle Car Technology Luxury vehicle Electronics When checking out the interior of this car, I was pleased once again. Let's face it, what good is a total custom exterior if you leave the interior stock? Rob accomplished setting his ride apart from the pack even further by adding a killer audio/video system, and a brushed aluminum dash kit. The Alpine IV8-800 indash monitor control unit, DVD player, and the monitors in the headrests throw in some multimedia flare. RCA connectors in the rear of the center console allow for a PS2 to be quickly connected for on the road play. When the trunk was popped to reveal two 12" Elcipse subs in a custom mirrored enclosure, disc changer, and custom paneling, I spotted an even bigger suprise. This car has throttle in a bottle.<P>

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part Following the steel braided NOS line back to the engine bay, I got a look at some more mods under the hood. Aside from the clean looking nitrous install, Rob added an SRT air intake and a Boris Factory JP strut tower bar.<P>

In closing I feel this IS shows that mixing and matching body kit stylings can work out for some. Choosing to mold the kit to the car is an added exspense, but can ultimately help you accomplish that look you want. Just be sure you don't want to change kits down the road. ;)<P>

<strong>For more pictures of this Featured Ride, please see the <a href="/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=518">Featured Ride Gallery</a>.</strong>
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