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Hey, I am new to this board and wanted to post what I know about the 2002 model. I got a brochure thing from Lexus that has some of the changes that their cars will get for 2002. This thing is called InsideLexus. It says that the only changes to the IS300 will be a refined grille, available solid leather, new armrest, improved instrument panel texturing, available navigation system, and front side curtain airbags, and VSC on automatic cars. This brochure only talks about Absolutely Red, but doesn't say anything about a new gold or different blue. There's nothing about any power differences or 18 inch wheels being standard or optional. It's possible that the 18 inch wheels are just part of the show car like the blue brakes. There is a picture of the SportCross in here in what might be the new blue, but it looks almost the same as the old blue. If you agree or disagree with any of this, please post.
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