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2002 IS Arrived TODAY @ Watertown

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Anyone who wants to see the new stick IS - my old man just called me and told me they arrived at his dealership... Lexus of Watertown...Watertown, MA - im headin there tonight to drive it....

btw - 5 speed w/NAV is the one they got today

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Graphite Grey w/everything....(not all leather though...leather/escaine), 1 stick and 3 automatics....
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WTF? I was there today...
until 3:15 and they didn't have any yet.
I even asked...

Are you sure?

They also didn't even have any 2002 catologues.
well - my dad called me at work right before i posted that topic....all i foudn out today is that the manual they have is not going to be the test drive car....none of the cars are even prepped so maybe they dont want people to see them? ill ask him but i just got in, and he is long asleep....gotta wait til tomorrow
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