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2002 Car Dates

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I see a number of people posting dates when they will be getting there cars. What are these based on? My dealer told me my car would be in his first alotment is he BSing me? The way it stands now Ive put a deposit down but nothings firm until the car comes in.
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I'm not too sure about being in the first allotment, but I know for sure that there are four distribution areas for Lexus. Each dealer is assigned cars based on their sales, its all computerized. Anyway I thought I was first in line for a red 5-speed, but my dealership in Naperville was assigned a silver w/black interior. Luckily they are also getting a red 5-speed the 3rd week of August. 5-speeds in the midwest will initially not have the navigation and will have standard the leather escaine and spoiler.
anybody else?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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