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2001 lexus IS 300 ecu not communicate with scanner.
im driving on the street, suddenly the car stop on the middle of the road. i have towed it home and start play around with it. i hooked my scanner i tried to find the code, but my scanner keep saying error, i have called lexus dealer and tow over there for them to diagnostic, they told me the car has ecu problem and they have to replace it with key set cost me about 3000.00 but not guarantee for service. It pissed me off then i towed it back home and replace the ecu with ig key set that i order from the justlexuspart guy. then i hook on the scanner again no communicate. i have checked all fuse and checked power and ground to ecu, everything is fine. so what else do i have to concern about?
i have talked to lexus parts guy to send me different set. so the part is on the way here.

thank you for your time and help
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