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Ok, so here’s the skinny. The 01 is300 is not as easy as the rest. The key points are these.

Turn on the radio and turn it up to full blast. Pop the hood and disconnect the ground at the battery.

Pull apart the dash and remove the oem radio. You can find the instructions to do this all over the place. Even with the crappy Metra dash kit.

The oem radio plug with 2 wires are your amp TX+- communication wires. These wires need to be removed from the plug. You can cut these close to the plug or remove the pins from the plug. The colors are red/white stripe and red/blue stripe. Strip these wires and set them aside.

The bigger oem plug with many wires is next. You’ll need to find the white/blue stripe wire. It’s near the plug clip. Cut it or pull the pin. Strip it and set it aside.

Now for the fun part:smile2:

Grab the Metra harness and find the pink wire and the blue/pink stripe wire.they should be right next to each other. Do the same with these. Cut or pull the pins, strip and and set aside.

You can follow the directions for the speakers and mute if you need it. The all blue wire is your mute wire. Connect all these to your aftermarket radio harness.

Now for the power wires

Inside the dash on the upper left side you should find a 10mm bolt that has the head underneath the bracket it bolts to. Grab a piece of wire, about 2ft or so and install a ring terminal or whatever you want and ground it to this bolt. Connect the black/white stripe wire, the all black wire from the Metra harness and The black from your aftermarket harness all together.
Connect red to red, and yellow to yellow. Orange is your illumination wire. Connect them together if you have that.

Find the blue/white stripe wires from the Metra and your oem harness. These are your accessory/ignition switch wires You need to connect these to the white/blue stripe wire from the oem connector. This will provide power to your oem amp.

Grab the pink wire from the Metra harness and connect it to the red/blue stripe wire.
Grab the blue/pink stripe wire and connect it to the red/white stripe wire. Your TX+- communication wires are all done.

You’ll only need one antenna wire so disregard the one that doesn’t fit your aftermarket radio.

Connect the all harnesses together and reconnect the ground at the battery.
Temporarily hook up your radio to check the functionality.

You can start putting together the crappy Metra dash kit now to get ready to reassemble your car.

Note: the Metra dash kit sucks if you have a single din Headunit. The “pocket” installation will make you want to throw it away. I ended up using thicker screws because the ones they said to use are too thin.
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