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Hello everyone, Robert here. Picked up an aristo GTE and am getting it ready to drop in my 02 IS. The engine i bought came with a single turbo setup already with a Borg s366 .88 exhaust housing (p/n 177281) . Original owner said full boost came on around 45-4800. I have a Borg s360 .88 exhaust housing (p/n 177272) lying around.

My first question is can i swap just the exhaust housings between the two turbos? They both have the same part numbers on the housings and both are .88’s. The reason i want to swap is because the flanges are different and i have a custom down pipe that fits the s366 already made. I have inserted Attachment pictures below for reference. Hopefully i attached them correctly.

Next the s360 turbo i have looks almost identical to the s366. I’m trying to have full boost around 35–3800 with goals of 650whp. Do I just need to sell both turbos and get a new turbo for my goals? Which turbo do you recommend? Really would like to stick to Borg because of their reliability but not against going with a precision turbo.

Thank you in advance

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