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Alright, 2 things.

First and foremost: PO had his boss wire in a standard headlight due to water damage on the ballast instead of replacing it. When I first looked at it, I couldn't trace the wire to see if it was spliced before or after the connector to the power for the ballast. I have yet to put any time into it as the headlight works, but having 1 HID and one incandescent bulb is sincerely starting to irk me. If it's behind the connector for the ballast power, what would be my best course of action? Does anyone know where to find that connector in OEM quality?

Secondly: I'll be looking to do a 1J VVTI swap in the coming year. I've been told people run the wiring harness and ECU from the 2J to run the IS accessories and lengthen wires to reach sensors on the 1J. My question is this: if I do so, what will be used to control the 1J? Will a simple Power F/C or other higher end piggyback due?

Thanks in advance!
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