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2 countries 2 cars

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ok, lets say you have houses in 2 countries. and you already have an IS300 in USA
what car would you buy in another country?
The budget would be the residual value of a 94 mercedes S class 500.

I am thinking I would get, either a jaguar X-type, or another IS300. or maybe a second hand Supra or NSX
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Well Chromoplast since i know your from Thailand, I'd get either the Skyline (R33 or R34 if you can afford it), Evolution V, or an nice Subaru Impreza (only comes in turbo in Tland). Those three cars are my dream cars to buy, Especially the R34. Well good luck because with the shi**y economy your going to pay alot!!!
In Europe I would get an S3, in Asia I would get a Evo6.
If it is in Thailand... I would get a used E36 and swap a 2JZ-GTE + HKS T51R in...can't afford new cars.
In Europe I'd get a red Alfa Romeo 156 V6 - since it's gorgeous, sounds like a Ferrari (sort of) and I could afford it. In Asia, I'd use the money to buy a one-way plane ticket back the the good ole USA. (before you bash, I did live in Asia for 3 years)

Originally posted by Mark:
If it is in Thailand... I would get a used E36 and swap a 2JZ-GTE + HKS T51R in...can't afford new cars.
I actually do have a house in London, England (where I am originally from) and I am there for about 2 months a year on business. Keeping a car in England that you rarely use is financial suicide, so I rent an Audi A6 or MB C-class (or a Golf GTi/A4 if I am on a budget) whenever I visit.

I also lived in Asia for several years (Singapore and HK) but unlike Ckolsen I loved it, although I moved to the USA when I decided to settle down. However it's not the place to enjoy a car on a budget. My 7 year old Prelude in Singapore cost me over US$30k, and had to be scrapped at 10 years of age.

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CKOLSEN - Where in Asia did you live? Were you in the military?
haha CKolsen, I feel the same way. Since I am also a U.S citizen I might as well stay here. I like Thailand, but I think I have a better chance of making big bucks here. Besides, I am quite certain that the baht ( thai currency) will keep depreciating against U.S.D
might as well just live here and just go there for vacation.
Chromoplast, thats my plan. Make alot of cash here and vacation in Thailand. Probaly Phucket..beaches are nice and clean there...

Yellow IS/ 90 Honda Crx (Hybrid)
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