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Hey all,

I'm debating between getting the Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S or Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. While utilizing the search function to get people's opinions of the two tires, I came across a post that talked about a tire's load index (can't remember which exact thread).

The person was favoring the Michelin's with a service description of 88Y(front) and 95Y(rear) and said to stay away from the Goodyear's load index of 92Y(front) and 99Y(rear) since the load index differs from OEM Dunlops of 88Y(front) and 95Y(rear).

Also, I notice the Goodyear's have a load rating of 'XL'. Will this really make a difference considering I have the sport-tuned suspension?

Thanks for the help in advance.
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