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18" Ace Spade w/tire? (1 needs fixing) - $500 shipped

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I will sell my 18" ACE Spades in Hyperblack for $500 shipped. 3 are in nice condition, the 1 is bent because of a damn pot hole or some shit.

All tires are Nitto 555 225/40/18

Just got 2 new tires (those are fine), and 1 other tire is in fine condition also.

So basically, you will have to replace 1.

Anyone interested?

Here is a video too, starring the rims: (22mb)

*Those are not the tires on the car currently ;)* Currently they are Nittos
*Notice the American flag on my antenna... 9/11

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How bad the one bent? How bouts showing us a goddamn pic? :eek:
Per that prick bastard Ross...the bent one can be found here:
Looks like your antenna has had enough of that flag!
By the looks of that bent rim, I can only imagine your reaction after you hit that pothole! :eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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