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16 inch rims

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Has anyone here actually opted for the 16 inch rims on your IS?

2001 SBM/Black IS300 w/Navigation
2000 BMW Z3 2.3
1999 Ducati SS 750(worked)
1982 Captain America Big Wheel
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s0y did.
i did cuz i was getting my 19s a week later :)
I use 16s in the winter. They are not the "lexus rims".
no, its a no cost "option" and yes, my car came with them :oops: . however, i quickly got a set of new wheels
I opted for the stock 16" rims over anything larger because of all the drifting i do at my local race track. Anything larger than 16" provides too much traction, and will not allow the tyres to lose enough grip to slide around corners. Anyone familiar with the Japanese "Initial D" series, will know why it is I do this. :D
i got the 16s too, and supposedly its a no cost option but my car was 2k cheaper than all the other ones on the lot...i planned on getting new wheels anyway so i just went w/ them
yeah supposedly but i got mine for cheap too! :wink:
isjohnny300 said:
they look really ghey

your crazy there hot like fire
I'm actually looking for a set of the optional IS300 16's to buy.
I"m not in the market for aftermarket 16's ... I only want the lexus 16's.

if I can find a good set for a reasonable price, I'd buy them. :D
I used 16" wheels during the winter. But these were special cause they made of steel. I was blinging all winter long.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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