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Hey how many of you did the 1000 mile check up? Did you feel it was worth it, did the dealership take care of the vehicle? Did they screw it up or was it fine when you recieved it back? Or should I wait till the 5000 mile tune up to have them do it all.

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It only takes an hour. Plus you get a free hand wash and vacuum.

It's free.

When you sell the car or return it for the lease, Lexus has records of every service you've done. It'd probably be better if their records show that you brought it in at every scheduled maintenance.

2 cents.

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I went in for the "30-Day" inspection and
was badly disappointed. The car didn't need
anything, but I just took it in to get the
warranty stamp in the book and to keep Lexus
happy in case any real warranty problems
develop. The mechanic let all the air out
of my tires (I had them set at 36lb, and he
let out about 5 pounds all around. Also,
I believe he topped up the crankcase, even
though it was already full. I took the car
back last Friday after discovering the
overfull crankcase, and the Service Manager
drained the oil and refilled to the proper
mark on the dipstick. I'm relatively happy
now, but the whole thing was a great waste of
time, and I did it only to keep Lexus happy,
and not for my own peace of mind. Take the
car in and tell them to look at it, but don't
touch anything unless it's leaking or broken.
You won't be there long.
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