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$100,000 BMW M3?

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Motor Trend has tested a $100,000 BMW M3! They said they loved it. I think its trash! Who is stupid enough to buy a 100k 333 hp. car. Look what you can buy 2 Corvette ZO6's.
3 IS 300s. You get the point right. That just shows how dumb BMW is. There that dumb they will release a junk $100,000+ car. Anyway may Dad yelled about it because he has a IS300 Black on Black one too. We really like it. Lexus needs too do somethin with the tiptronic shift though its a good idea but its not that good when your turning the wheel this way and that. Me and my dad would rather see a clutch and 5 speed.

Nitro Boy
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OK gentlemen, it was a pre-production mule that cost $100,000 to build. Make sense? Good.
While it looks like it'll be a great car, make sure you're ready to duck when those drive shafts start flying. I hear the car's been delayed til March at the earliest cause of that minor issue. We had the same problem when I worked on the PNGV Future Car project - we went through several drive shafts til we eventually ran out.

Originally posted by vvtipwr:
who knows, after the premium they on the car, it may reach 100k.

that car is freakin' awesome...........thinkin' about selling the house and moving to a smaller one so I can afford that car.........who knows
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