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10 Things to do on the day I get mine

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I am getting mine 20th the latest, when I do I am going to do the following:

1) Hug it
2) Kiss it
3) Look for any scar on my baby.
4) Eat in it (maybe not)
5) Floor it (how can you not resist it!)
6) Go real fast then slow down when a cute girl's near by, so she could get a better look at the gem.
7) Call every people, dogs, and cats I know and brag.
8) Get my fav CD and crank it up.
9) Park right next to that dude with 328i who always parks and takes two parking spots.
10) Sleep in it.

Damn, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
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Can't wait huh?

When I first got mine, I gave it a bath cuz it was raining the day I picked it up. After it's bath, I literally took a chair, sat in my garage, and just stared at the car for 2-3 hours! Heck once and a while in the middle of the night I'd go to the garage and peep at my baby then go back to sleep.

Wife thinks I'm in love with the car now instead....I think she's right.
i would do 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9. all others have obsession written all over them.
Floor it? Ooh, not a good idea until you break it in I think. I drove like a grandma in mine til I reached a thousand.
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9) also park next to any car with aftermarket
Altezza tail lights!!!!
I HATE cars with Altezza Tailights.. ughh..
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