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Made it out to an 1/8 mile track in Kennadale TX (just south of DFW). Car was pretty consistant. Ambiant temp was about 78deg F, track control 'off', and had 1/2 tank of 93oct super unleaded.

Reaction - .715
60ft - 2.389
330ft - 6.736
ET @ 594ft - 9.641
1/8 ET - 10.280
1/8 MPH - 69.43

Made 4 runs and they were near identical. The above is the best ET. On the first run I jumped the light, backed out of the throttle momentarily, and then got back into it. That run was a 10.386 at 69.33mph. The last three runs were within .010 on time and mph. Had a lot of looks out there with the 'good ol boys' in their mustangs and camaro's. Also had 2 young, very attractive girls come up to me and comment on how much they liked the car. So all in all not a bad evening.
I am planning on running it in the Nov 12 Import event at Ennis (1/4 mile) just for fun. That should give a good baseline for the 'before turbo' performance.

Steve 'Stealth' Webb
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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