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Hey folks!

I owned a 2007 IS300 back in '08 for a couple of years. Loved the car to the point where I recently decided to find a good example and restore it to its original glory. After a long search, I found what I consider to be a diamond in the rough:

- 2004, 185k miles, 1 owner (an elder lady - She bought it new in 2004 at age 66), full records of every service, registration, and receipt related to the vehicle (Including photos of the day she purchased the car), 4 sets of keys (incl. valet, master key + card), and the list of original item goes on.

Here is where many of you would absolutely hate me... -> $3500 (and registration is good until 2022)

I named the car Dark Matter (hey NASA). The plan is to restore the vehicle. Here is its current condition:

Interior is 9/10 - I take one out due to the sticky dash, with everything working (even the radio and cd changer), no rips on the leather, 1 lock actuator has faulted.
Exterior is 7/10 - A friendly neighbor "fixed" the hood rock chips with a can of spray paint. It has the mandatory tiny dings here and there, but nothing major.
Drivetrain is 7/10 - Tons of parts have been changed with OEM parts over the years, however, I can see cam seals are starting to leak - Not worried, as the engine will receive an overhaul. Transmission is strong - no slip or rough shifts. Suspension needs bushings.

I'm new to posting on forums, but I'll do my best to record and share all the progress in my DIY restoration process. I may disappoint many by sticking to stock parts and specs, but I hope ya'll enjoy the journey with me. I'll be looking for your help, advice and maybe even meet some of you in person!


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