This is my 2002 is300 sportcross. The car is bone stock other then an aftermarket radio that was installed by pervious owner. The car has its issues including but not limited to all rims + spare is curbed (by previous owners) 2 check engine codes (P0440 and P0446) hissing sound from unknown location in the engine bay and 1 oil leak (behind the cam gear). The car was sitting for around a year before I picked it up. It runs and drives perfectly fine but it’s got 20 year old issues. I’m asking 9,700 but it’s somewhat negotiable. If your looking to trade, I’m looking for 350z or 370z’s.
If you want more photos you can TEXT me at (914) 804-8215.

ps- thoes aren’t my skid marks… I picked a bad spot to take photos.