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02 IS arrived in Seattle!!!

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I went to the dealer to get my 10K service. While I was waiting I talked to my sales person about trading in for 02 IS. He was wen to the supervisor and found out that 02 IS arrived today ealry morning. So I was the first person get to see 2002 IS300. I was so lucky. I like my sales person. He is so cool. They had only two(red and gray). Well, by looking from outside they have new front grille and smoked tail lights and everything is same. They have more maybe better options than 01 said sales person. I went inside car. Wow, new nav system,arm rest, leather trim seat, chrome outlined speaker cover on driver and paseenger side doors. Also they have 2 more air bags so total of 6. It was amazing. And he said "do u want to test drive?" That was amazing. It was great. Better handling, more torqu, 5 speed, faster than 01. I have to pay another 5K in order to trade with 02 IS. The price of 02 IS w/ full otions is only 35,785 dollars. It was awesome!!!
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So you have no negative equity on your car?
When you say 5K do you mean that is ALL you have to pay?? Meaning that you would enter a new lease with the same payment as you have now?
Can you please tell me who you spoke to and the details of your current lease.

See I traded in my 2001 IS300..and I had 2934 dollars of negative equity on it. Meaning the trade in value of the car was 27000 and the payoff on my lease was 29934. So not only did i have to put another 5k down but my lease went up an extra 100 bucks a month to cover the 2934 in negative equity.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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