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01 IS300 LS1 Drift Build

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I bought a 01 IS300 with 180k miles two years ago to use as a drift car.
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I manual swapped it with an AR5 a few months after buying it.
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In the front I have extended lower control arms, cut spindle, and I designed and machined a new lower ball joint/tie rod pickup for more angle.
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I have BV toe and traction links in the rear as well as a welded diff. I also got an Apex exhaust and coil overs and have lowered it a bit. I’ve done some events and practice days with it and so far it has been flawless besides the harmonic balancer pully flying off at my last practice.
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In April I got a 36k mile LS1 from a 02 Pontiac Firebird at a price I couldn’t refuse. My goal for the motor is to keep it stock for now but do all the reliability mods for drifting. I will also be using the AR5 I already have as there was a pretty simple adapter kit from Fabbot. I will be using a LS7 flywheel and clutch, as they work with the trans adapter kit. My engine came with an auto trans so I just needed the bell housing from that. I bought a Canton drift oil pan, trunnion upgrade, valve springs, lifters and a harmonic balancer. I also decided to replace all the seals, the motor has been sitting for almost 16 years.

About a month ago I started working on the engine and intended to swap it over Christmas. Once I removed the valley cover I saw the motor was full of sludge.
I am guessing the oil had been changed once at most in its short life. Wear looked minimal but there was sludge everywhere.
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I ended up tearing it completely down and sent it out to get cleaned. I am still waiting for the shop to get it back to me so I can start rebuilding it.
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Forr reasons that make zero sense to me, lubrication in the wrong place on the washer/bolthead can really mess things up. My (very competent) buddy disregarded those directions and IIRC, snapped a bolt off in his LS3. ARP was super nice about it and replaced it
Isn't this totally the sign of a great company though? They make bar none the best products in their market that they know are basically infallible if used correctly. Product fails because it was used improperly by the end user after specifically stating how to and how not to use a product. Company proceeds to just shake their head, laugh a bit, and tell you "hey we told you so" and then replace the product YOU broke at no cost. Damn I love ARP, ever since my first set of wheel studs.
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