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Anyone know the time it takes the IS??
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Road & Track got 17.8 for 0-100 mph
Originally posted by Mark:
Road & Track got 17.8 for 0-100 mph
IF the Is hits 60 in about 7 seconds, doesn't it seem strange that it took Road and Track 10.8 seconds more to go just 40 miles per hour faster? I'm not doubting R&T. Just curious about the Is's engine and gear ratio?
the 1/4 mile in 15.3 @ 90.7, so maybe the gearing is funny....for the next 30 after 60 MPH, it takes double the time...??? comments?
This is caused by aerodynamic drag--drag is proportional to the square of the velocity.

So if you double the speed, you quadruple the drag, and more effort is required to overcome it. Since any car engine produces only so much maximum power and drag increases as speed increases, you will notice that it takes longer to accelerate to 100 mph than to 60 mph (given that you're accelerating to 60 mph using maximum power).

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R&T also got 17.8 for the 330i (auto), and the car hit 60 in 0.6 seconds quicker than the IS. So, I think our cars might have better aerodynamic and 4th gear.
Or how about that new coaster in Japan 0-107 in 1.8 seconds. If only they put that kind of technology in the Altezzas
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