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  1. Go Faster
    Hey first time posting, but i have a 2001 and i am swapping in a 1j vvti from a jzx171. Im using the 1jz ecu and harrness and using a mk3 w58. The car starts and runs pretty good but the cluster does not work and i was wondering if i need a all4swap or if there was a way to get the tach and...
  2. General Discussion
    I've been trying to find a simple ECU pinout for a 2001 IS300 for the longest time. I'm sick of having to look at a PDF through multiple pages to find pins that should be right next to each other. I went through the 2JZ-GE VVT-i (in black) pinout by Wilbo666 and listed out every pin that was...
  3. General Discussion
    I recently bought a black 2001 is300 and have started to fix some of the issues that it has. This car has gone through a lot of peoples hands before me and definitely has its issues. The biggest one I'm currently facing is the car is running 38% lean on long FT bank 1 and 2 and they consistently...
  4. DIY/tutorial forum
    Diy install of my rebuilt 1gfe but I was stupid and didn't take photos of the important stuff lmao. I'm pretty new to all this and I pretty much all I have left is to find a ground point on the block. I have no idea where it goes though. If anyone has the forbidden knowledge that would be most...
  5. Mobiletronics
    Just bought an 06 IS350 and wanted to use the aux. When plugged in, the sound only comes out from one side of the car (the right side). I tried multiple different wires and came to the conclusion that it needs to be a TRS cord. I plugged in an old TRS cord of mine, connected to a lighting...
  6. Altezza Owner's Forum
    Trying to wire in a TACH out of my SXE10 3SGE ECU. To my understanding pin D26 is the TACH output pin. I can put a multimeeter on it, set to AC, and i get a constant 14.4V. When revving the engine I see no change in Voltage. Is the ECU pin dead? Am I missing something?
  7. Altezza Owner's Forum
    Hey all, working to wire up the ECU for a 3SGE out of an Altezza. The ECU number is 89661-53070. Does anyone have a pin/wiring diagram for this? Had little luck searching online.
  8. Basic Help & Repair
    Hoping someone is able to help me with my issue🤞🏻 Recently I manual swapped my Is300 and it turns over but does not start. It gets fuel but no spark, I put brand new coil packs, plug wires and spark plugs. What I have found is that the coil packs aren’t getting power because I tested each...
  9. Basic Help & Repair
    My door locks are continually locking all the time, weather it’s sitting in the drive way or I’m going down the road and turn headlights or a blinker on. Replaced weak battery and that helped it but it still does it. Car is a 2001 so far I have checked voltage and charging voltage.
  10. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello, I’ve had my IS300 for a little over a year now. Since the beginning, there had always been a problem with the ABS sensor on the rear left(drivers side) wheel. Before replacing, all the stability controls worked fine until hitting an exact speed of 110km/h on the highway, where the ABS...
  11. General Discussion
    Just wonder if anyone has a 01 is300 with a 1jz from a jzs171 just need a little help with the wiring I heard it’s a plug and play but just gotta provide power to some wires can someone educate me....
  12. Go Faster
    Can anybody help me through this ecu wiring? I really really don't want to mess anything up. I see some stuff online but nothing detailed. It would be greatly appreciated :)
  13. General Discussion
    I bought the car last year but the owner before myself cut the wiring to the headlights. I have it to where my running lights come on but the hi/low beams wont turn on unless I use the hi beam flasher/blinker switch towards me. I've done my best to get as many factory connectors that go to the...
1-13 of 13 Results