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  1. ISO: Stock wheels, hood, front bumper cover

    Member Wanted To Buy/Trade
    In midwest/central USA, near NE, IA, KS, MO. I'm looking for a set of (four or five) stock wheels for an first-gen IS300; looking for 5-spoke but 11-spoke are nice as well. Also needing a front bumper cover and a hood, preferably in Millennium Silver Metallic (MSM), but any color will do. I...
  2. Will these wheels fit okay?

    Wheels and Tires
    Hi all, looking for wheels for my IS250 (2006) I’ve found these: HUSSLA SHAZ BRIGHT SILVER 19X8.5 5X114.3 - CNC Wheels To my understanding they are 19X8.5 et40. I am happy with this size for the front but am unsure about how tucked they will be at the rear. Preferably I’d like 9.5 rear but I...
  3. TT vs LS400

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    Opinions on which one to get? Advantages of each? Disadvantages? Also, has anybody tried a mix of both (LS400 front, TT rear?) Advantages of each? Disadvantages? Thanks.
  4. 17x8.5 +30 Fitment Questions

    Wheels and Tires
    Hi all, I have scoured some of the threads, but haven't been able to determine if this setup will work: RPF1 17x8.5 +30 245/40R17 Slight drop with coilovers From what I have gathered, I just need to do some minor fender rolling, but that should be it. Can any gurus confirm?
  5. Thoughts on this?

    Made in my spare time while in Michigan still. Wish I coulda brought my car up to take some nights shots in the snow. (Wheels took forever) Also color combo?
  6. What Is This Hood?

    Hard to find. Is it custom? Kinda reminds me of a rhino style. Also. What kinda wheels are those?