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  1. Turbo Process?

    General Discussion
    I’m thinking about turbocharging my 2002 is300. It currently has 31k miles. I’m looking at the cxracing kit ( My...
  2. Tuner in Deep South

    General Discussion
    Looking to keep the miles off my ISF but this is more of a progression build What are the best mods that will support a future turbo set-up? I'm thinking midpipe as well as an exhaust (HKS Hi-Power??), perhaps headers too However, I do not want it to be too loud as my mother sometimes drives...
  3. Nightmare FFIM Install

    Go Fast Stuff
    So I bought one of these sets and i'm in the middle of installing it. Its been a nightmare but I think the end result will be worth it. Yes its a china part, but its actually not bad, I can't really complain for the price. It comes with a fuel rail for 14mm injectors, 90mm throttle body and the...
  4. Sold

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  5. IS300 500hp build?

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone! Just purchased my first IS300! Its a 2001 i was wondering if anyone would have any great build ideas. I am wanting around 500hp. I am already doing some water pump replacements and a new head gasket. Guy before me put new timing. I am wandering what turbo i should do and intake...
  6. O2 Sensor splicing without rewiring at ECU

    Basic Help & Repair
    I've scoured the forum and can't seem to find a direct answer to this question. I'd like to run both of my post-cat O2 sensors from B2S1, effectively deleting B2S2, BUT unlike all of the threads which I have seen about doing this, I would like to do so by splicing together the harnesses for...
  7. gavron1 Turbo IS NOP 2004

    gavron1 Turbo IS NOP 2004

    gavron1 NOPI 2004
  8. NOPI 2004

    NOPI 2004