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    So I was wondering if the parts for a W55 manual swap and W58 manual swap are the same. Besides the transmission obviously, but everything else would it be the same basically? Like the manual drivetrain, can one be used for both vis versa? Let me know thank you.
  2. DIY/tutorial forum
    I just got done dropping my transmission A650E auto transmission using basically hand tools and jacks. Have the full detailed video posted on YouTube: Supported all four corners with jack stands and got car has high as possible. Remove Exhaust Mid Pipe all the way back to muffler section...
  3. General Discussion
    So... it happened about 2 weeks back, My stock auto trans went cya later on my way to work and spewed trans oil along with me smoking up the whole 401. My guy just got back to me today and apparently the pressure pump inside my trans blew off, This is not my daily driver so it has now come to...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey y’all I’m new here i just recently picked up an 02 5spd and i need to replace the transmission. Marlin crawler has a w55 2wd for a reasonable price. But since the company is mainly off-road stuff i was wondering if the transmission will fit. Thanks in advance
  5. Go Faster
    So I was thinking about this since I have gotten my IS300 a couple months ago, and after watching a couple videos on YouTube of the "40 MPG Eco Corrvette" from LegitStreetCars. If I was to do get rid of the 5AT 5 Speed Auto E-Shift and Open 3.91 Diff. Would having 6 gears and 3.73 LSD make up...
  6. General Discussion
    Hello all! I am not new to this forum but it has been many years since I have posted. Anyways, I just bought a 2006 IS250 and the overfill drain plug in the trans is leaking and the VSC check and Engine lights came on. I scanned the car and got the dreaded P2757 code. I have been doing a lot...